Galynne Goodwill - Living in The Moment Lyrics
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    Living in The Moment


    Wasted time thinking about yesterday
    And all the wrong I've done
    It seems like such a heavy price to pay
    There's got to be a better way

    Been trying to live my life through the eyes
    Of all the people who've criticized
    The way I live my life
    And it's really no big surprise

    It seems my time would be best spent
    If I were living in the moment
    Cherish the right here
    Embrace the right now
    Living in the moment shows me how

    Dark and lonely days filled with sorrow
    Always worrying about tomorrow
    And how I'll make it right
    It's a constant uphill fight
    Beauty all around me but I've been so blind
    I've let myself become an undeserving victim in my mind
    I've treated myself so unkind

    I know my life is magnificent
    When I'm living in the moment
    I know I'm right where I'm supposed to be
    Living in the moment sets me free
    Living in the moment - It's where I'm supposed to be
    Living the moment - because it set's me free



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