Jocasta - Life In A Day Lyrics
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    Life In A Day


    There's a girl on the door and she's flaunting her all
    At the shy passers by who'll pay all she affords
    It was only supposed to be a short stint in the industry

    Now she does a rock round the clock for the dough she affords
    It's taking her mind off the hoards
    And it's breaking her heart

    Jo's just gone and blown her life in a day

    She's stopped writing letters to mummy and her purse is so light
    It's that tight, she can't buy the stamps
    She's through with freebasing and now she's just chasing
    And chasing, the big city ain't what it seems any more
    She's high but she don't know what for
    And it's breaking my heart

    Jo's just gone and blown her lifе in a day

    She's scratching around like a rat
    Yeah, shе's out of her head
    She just can't go on, so she's gone and got a gun
    And pumped herself full of lead

    Jo's just gone and blown her life in a day


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