NateWantsToBattle - Cry Baby (From "Tokyo Revengers") Lyrics
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    Cry Baby (From "Tokyo Revengers")


    And when they took us by the collar
    And we couldn't breathe no more, as they beat us half to death
    I could taste the blood that they made pour
    Through all the pain, I heard you laughing
    And then I turned and watched you grin
    With a broken voice, you reassured me
    You and I'd be laughing in the end

    Like a joke, heard you laugh once again
    Through the tears, I watched the light as it dimmed (It dimmed)
    Fighting once again when you are near
    I'm mad enough and now I know that all we've got, we're losing

    Now we both know
    How many times we're beaten 'til the tears would flow
    Our bloodshed, our bloodshed from our broken hearts
    Soon this all will be over, so rest your head on my shoulders
    We're ascending, we'll fight the ending, and we'll all be done
    I wonder why? Why is it comfortable to watch the lights go dim?
    An amen to send me on my way tonight
    Look up to the sky to see the rain is washing over me
    I won't give up now, though I've been beat down again

    I look to you and then I scream (Ooh)
    I hope that you remember me (Ooh)



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