SABINSHII - Goodbye Adolescence (Outro) Lyrics
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    Goodbye Adolescence (Outro)


    Need I cry one time again until I'm chained upon this house?
    Multiple friendships built on endings, type of edges that cut yourself until you try; until you lie again
    My name, identity, could eventually lead to my death
    I keep it safe, beneath my waist, and eventually hide my chest
    Until I die, until I lie with you again
    My art is glorified and I hope I never see these lines again
    Recently spoken about the drugs but I wish I could have your heart instead or I could be a man who just can't movе; man who just can't feel
    Romanticized statements disconnеcted from a childhood that's already been apologized for
    I would connect to old figures that are in my old town but I think I would rather ignore all the bombshells that are exploding and burning down my front door
    I wish the heat I could feel
    "And you can't feel it but you lost it; all you are, and all you do
    Your touch is faint, your heart is dark and you got nothing left to prove
    You've ruined, ruined, ruined, ruined you"
    Need I cry one time again until I'm chained upon this house
    Multiple friendships built on endings... trust yourself
    You gotta try, even if that means lying again



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