Young MC - My Name Is Young Lyrics
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    My Name Is Young


    [Verse 1]
    Well my name is Young MC and I'm cold rockin' the house
    I came up into the place and I'm a-turnin' it out
    Cause I'm a mover, a shaker, for real and not a faker
    Put your girl up into my face and if you diss me I will take her
    Cause I'm one of a kind, I'm going to rock the Earth
    And I'm worth my weight in gold, gold in weight my worth
    Not Doug E., Run, Whodini, Cool J, or Shan
    My name is Marvin, Young MC, and I'm a hell of a man
    I got my name well known all over the place
    To all seven continents and even outer space
    Cause when they're flyin' in a plane or goin' out for a walk
    Yeah frontin' people listen when they hear me talk
    They told me time will tell, and it has told
    Cause I've been rockin' a microphone since I was ten years old
    I'm a jack of all trades, and a master of three:
    Rockin' the tables, rockin' the mics, and rockin' the young ladies
    So then yes indeed, give you what you need
    Without crack, marijuana, cocaine, or speed
    I don't drink or smoke, and that ain't no joke
    I just pick up the microphone and start to go for broke
    So if you think that you can deal
    Get on the mic, get on the wheels of steel
    And then do your thing, or make the telephone ring
    Cause if you dance then dance, and if you sing then sing
    Because once I start there ain't no stoppin
    Heard of hiphop, Young MC is hiphoppin
    Mix, scratch, and blend every now and then
    And I love to rock the mic when I'm around my friends
    I like to go for broke cause I'm that kind of man
    Yo I'm a die-hard rapper, you're my die-hard fan
    So in closing, I'd like to thank everyone
    But don't touch that dial, because my rhyme ain't done
    My name is Young

    (Who is it?)
    (What did you say your name was?)
    My name is Young
    (Who is it?)
    (What did you say your name was?)

    [Verse 2]
    Now they call me Young MC cause I was young when I started
    People tried to break, yo that's cold-hearted
    Rock the mic on every chance I get
    That's why I'm making more money than the national debt
    See I came into the place to make my name known
    As the Commander In Chief of the microphone
    They thought I was wack at first, but once I started to rhyme
    They said I'm called Young MC, let's hear that one more time
    I take the bull by the horn when opportunity knocks
    And I'm notoriously known as the kid that rocks
    So listen to me, don't say boo me, you don't like me you can sue me
    But once I'm finished rapping you'll be happy that you knew me
    You hear just what I'm saying, see where I am at
    Cause I'm the freshest rapper out, it is as simple as that
    Yo I'm the freshest rapper out, there's not much more I can say
    I put the cap in Cap'n Crunch, the oil in Oil of Olay
    I put the good in Good N Plenty, bad in Bad News Bears
    I put the jack in Jackson 5, the son in Sonny and Cher
    I put the mutt in Mother Goose, the doc in Doctor Seuss
    So when I'm mic'in' upon the mic you know you gotta get loose
    My name is Young

    (Who is it?)
    (What did you say your name was?)
    My name is Young
    (Who is it?)
    (What did you say your name was?)

    [Verse 3]
    You see I rhyme real fast 'cause I am on the go
    Federal Express called up my agent but I said no
    Money-makin' Manhattan is the place where I went into school
    Goin' into class every day, followin' the golden rule
    I'm takin' it out of the class, I'm steppin' it on the train
    And some of the people that you see, they really can make someone go insane
    I'm takin' the bus out to Hollis and in Queensville
    I'm hangin' it down with the fellas, hope I don't get ill
    Because I'm rockin' upon the mic, and really doin' the best I can
    Stayin' with all the ladies, with a microphone in my hand
    Makin' up all the money, and just takin' up all the time
    Because the Young MC is my name and yo I'm ready to bust a rhyme
    So when I'm checkin' the party people there's a story to tell
    It isn't about Humpty Dumpty or the farmer and the dell
    It isn't about Pinnochio or Alice in Wonderland
    It's all about the funky rapper who's the greatest man
    My name is Young

    (Who is it?)
    (What did you say your name was?)
    My name is Young
    (Who is it?)
    (What did you say your name was?)



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